Follow your heart, but don’t forget to bring your brain

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It was early this year, I came to Singapore alone for the very first time. Yes! ALONE! Without no one I know, just randomly came. I never thought that I would really come to Singapore in this kind of circumstance. I was on my way back to my homeland when it started. While seated on a bench in KL airport, something just came up in my mind “Do I really need to go back to my homeland?” “Why don’t I just try to start a new journey” that time it just came so quickly and no need a lot times until I grabbed my bags, bought a bus ticket and went to the Central Station.

I guess time flies so fast. Even my two bags that very heavy felt so light as I walked so fast. I reached Central Station, and right away I headed to the place that sell the train ticket to SG, some of you might think that “Why Singapore?” I don’t know either. In my mind, that time the choice has been just Singapore. Maybe because I knew how to go to SG from there and that was the closest country to go as well.

As I hold a RM 35 ticket for an overnight train to SG, suddenly I dropped my body into the floor as I realized what just happened, and when I saw the time on my phone, that the time of my flight to my homeland from KL just boarding. And I whispered to myself “there is no way to turning back, it’s ok, everything is gonna be alright”

I ended my old journey that day. As I reached Singapore on the next day that signed the new adventure has just begun.

As I mention before, I don’t have anyone to hold, anyone to meet, even any place to go, so when I reached Woodland Station, the first things that came up in my mind was “let’s go to the airport” why airport? Because the airport is my favorite place and for sure there is a lot of free wifi, even there are many places in SG that have Wi-Fi, but because I didn’t know about SG that time so I decided to go to the airport.

I exchanged my money into Singapore dollar and I bought some food (eating is important). I bought a SIM card just in case if I need to call someone (very smart, even there was no one to call). While eating, my right hand was busy to feed my mouth and my left hand was busy tapping on a PC at McDonalds to find a place I could stay either a guest house or something like that and trying to find some job as well.

Follow your heart, but don't forget to bring your brain

As I’m writing about this, I just realized one thing. When we don’t know what to do or to go to the new place that we never come before, our nature survival instinct would automatically create something helping us survive (Isn’t it amazing?). Follow your heart, but don’t forget to bring your brain.

I got a place to stay and a job interview after I searching here and there. Wow so fast! Yes, it was. I went to interview on the same day without taking shower or even change my clothes. They interviewed me at day time and accepted me in the afternoon. What an amazing day!!! I passed the training and got my work permit in a week.

For those who curious what kind of job was it? It’s a secret! If you want to know more, that means we need to sit and have a coffee.

So officially, I’m in my third stop now… We never imagine what a brain can do, isn’t it? Indeed, The experience matters.

When the end is just the beginning.


I am a language trainer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love traveling, like a lot. I enjoy walking around, language immersion in different places, have a cup of coffee at some unfamiliar coffee shop, embrace the history or art in many different museums. I love coming across people and blending with new culture. I like having conversations with new people, blogging the stories and inspire people.

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