How do I style myself when I go traveling?

How do I style when I go traveling?

T-shirt, jeans, a blue jacket and Converse (sometimes Vans too) are my true best friend. That is also how I style myself when I go traveling. They are like a second soul that completes my life except that this soul not inside of me but outside of me. The glasses came later to be a part with this soul. With my adorable face that combined it, I always successful making everyone unable guess my real age.

Even for me, my face looks common with people in my age, but for some other people, they said I look younger than my age. I am short too, so if we combined that together, some people are hard to imagine that I am in my early thirty.

Being short, always wearing casual clothes in my whole life sometimes makes me think that I am still at a young age, which is not bad, but the bad thing about that is I always been underestimated by many people. When people first see me, they will look from the top until they get to my feet and their eyes will smirk for maybe a few minutes and then with their face expression saying weird “Ah just a junior” or maybe “Ah must be younger than me”

Every time I meet people, I always try to avoid the question “how old are you?” It isn’t because I don’t want to tell them my age but rather because I don’t want to know your age. Why is that and what’s the point? Because you are asking my age and later you will reveal your age and that means I will know your age right? Why I don’t want to know your age because after that I will find out that I am older than you. And that sucks for some reasons. Being reminded that I am already old is not really feels that good.

Back about being underestimated. Being underestimate because you are short and look young is not good at all. People underestimated me because of my height and my looks for the whole of my life. Usually it will end after they knew my real age, which I tell them after they keep asking on me.

All those circumstances are bad, especially when I go traveling. People in other country need to check my passport just to make sure that I am eligible to do something. Sometimes I feel that I like a lost kid in this world. When I need to check in or if I wanted to buy something, they will ask the same questions. It is not good at all in those kind of circumstances.

However, the good thing about it is my style is very simple. I do not have to take a lot of time to dress up. I don’t even think about make-up. Either it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, I will always wear the same thing. The difference is for winter, I just need to put on warm heattech along with a sweater or thick jacket. I still use my sneaker with jeans also.

Life is simple, why you bother you make it complicated. Forget what people say, and just style you up and be yourself.


I am a language trainer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love traveling, like a lot. I enjoy walking around, language immersion in different places, have a cup of coffee at some unfamiliar coffee shop, embrace the history or art in many different museums. I love coming across people and blending with new culture. I like having conversations with new people, blogging the stories and inspire people.

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