Forget The Rules, If You Like It, Wear It!

Happiness is simple! Put your earphone on and turn the music on. Then walking and enjoy the view of the city while listening to your favorite singer singing your favorite songs. You can also sit at the edge of the road and enjoy the weather.

When I used to have nothing to do, I would just grab my jacket, and went out. I would just sit at the edge of the road, or sometimes at random bench in random park or the mall. Randomly sat there and watching people pass by while listening to the music in my earphone.

Forget The Rules, If You Like It, Wear It!

This is what I usually do while sitting at the edge of the road is really interesting, seeing many people passes me by making me remember a song from John Mayer – Crossroads (suddenly turns the music on)

There are few things that crossed in my mind when I see those people.

1.  Their outfits (is it matching or not?)

Living in Singapore has made me see many kinds of style because in here you are free to dress like what you want (in Indonesia, you will think about the culture first). There are many people dressed sexy here, but not all of them look nice in those sexy dresses. It depends on how their body is. If their body is in a good shape so it would look nice. Some people would not even care about that though. As long as they feel confident then they would just wear what they want.

A friend once told me this, “Sexy is not the way a person looks or dresses. Sexy is how someone is inside. You can have the most conservative, normal dressed person who is the sexiest,” I have to agree about that.

Some people just looked perfect on their outfits. I even adore for their perfect body, leg, face, which is according to my thinking they can wear any kind of outfits. Some people just looked way worse because of the color of their outfits is not matched at all and their body does not even support what their outfits.

2. Their faces (wondering are they happy or not?)

Some people just looked plain and flat like they do not have any purpose where they are headed. Some people look so happy because they are walking with their partner (maybe it is their honeymoon, how do I know that? Just don’t ask me LOL)

Some people just looked so handsome makes me don’t want to see another place (just ignore this one). Some people just looked enjoying their walking.

And hey! There is a man carrying a baby while holding a phone in other side and walk so fast, no doubt, he is in a hurry.

I wish I had a camera right now, what a perfect angle and place to take many pictures.

3. Are they walking alone with someone?

Mostly they are walking together with their friends or family, but if not, they must sit beside me (3 persons had sat here — and yes must be alone) — you are not alone girl.

There is a man (different from before) walking with an old woman (maybe his mom) but that man smiling and never stop doing it while he’s walking and he is so handsome (what’s that mean? Please just ignore again)

4. Their language (wondering if they are coming from my country)

For this one, just wondering what they are talking about, the last one, I heard Bahasa Indonesia and it just made me smile. You know, the moment when you hear your mother tongue, you suddenly feel home.

5. How they’re walking, are they in a hurry or enjoying their time walking?)

If they are in a hurry that means they have known their direction, but if not, that means they are still wondering where they can go. (Probably)

6. Are they looking at me?

Don’t worry, most of them is looking at me since it is interesting to see a girl sitting at the edge of the road typing and smiling with no reason. LOL

7. Why there are many kinds of people in this world? How God created them and arrange their faces and bodies?

The last but not the least, I adore God more and more because I wonder how He created these people, it’s just amazing, isn’t it?

But do they know and believe in God? Makes me want to think more.

Sitting at the edge of the road and looking at the people is like a free fashion show, but it isn’t just a fashion for the outfits, but more about how people can see your life through your walking, your face, your body language. Your life is like an open bible, just like what the bible say.

Your life is like the open book, Is it an interesting book or just a boring book that no one would even willing to open it?

What a good fashion show called Life Show. Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.


I am a language trainer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love traveling, like a lot. I enjoy walking around, language immersion in different places, have a cup of coffee at some unfamiliar coffee shop, embrace the history or art in many different museums. I love coming across people and blending with new culture. I like having conversations with new people, blogging the stories and inspire people.

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