Because There Is A Time For Everything

There is a verse in the bible says “There is a time for everything”. Indeed, it’s right. We never know what is going to happen in our future, even we have planned it far in advance. We use our knowledge in order to make a great life through a better plan. Yet we forget one thing “there is a risk in every path of life that we take” either we ready or not, soon or later we would face the risk. When the time comes, there are only two ways happened to us, we drown or we dance in the risk.

Because There Is A Time For Everything

I always thought that I would do just fine if I just follow the rules, but I forgot that sometimes rules is the one who made us making mistakes. People said that if there is no rules then people would live in wildness. They forget that because we know the rules then we afraid of making mistakes regarding of the punishment, but we ended making all mistakes that we’re supposed to avoid.

As for me, the more I try to avoid making mistakes, it turned me keep making a lot of mistakes. It drowns me even deep into the hole of sorrow. Just like what I happened to me now. After passing a lot of mistakes, I finally faced “the risk” in this path that I chose few months ago.

In every path that I passed back then, “drown” was always becoming the thing that happened to me. Not because I couldn’t “dance”, it was just I let myself to be “drown”. After “drown” many times, I am getting exhausted to just move my hands and legs to swim to the surface to reaching the air above the water. So I decided to just let myself “die” for a while, then my body would naturally go to the surface.

And here I am, I reached the surface after “die” for a while. Now I won’t let myself “drown” anymore because I had seen the world under the sea, the world when I let myself “die” and it was enough for me.

Now I choose to “dance” in the risk, even I knew I might be face worse than I ever thought. But at least I know it’s going to pass, no matter what. I wrote something about the kind of family in my “far to close” post a few months ago. The post about the feeling about the family that would remain forever. I have to admit it for the second time that those feelings are the thing that would really remain forever because other than that it definitely nothing remains forever. Just like every risk in our path, it won’t stay forever. It will change, either when we choose to “drown” or “dance” in it.

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” — Ecclesiastes 3:1


I am a language trainer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love traveling, like a lot. I enjoy walking around, language immersion in different places, have a cup of coffee at some unfamiliar coffee shop, embrace the history or art in many different museums. I love coming across people and blending with new culture. I like having conversations with new people, blogging the stories and inspire people.

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