Why United? Why Divided? In Indonesia Democracy.

If you follow the Korean drama then you know that the recent drama themes are about reporters, news, journalist and mass media in Korea. There is one that currently took my attention, it’s called PINOCCHIO, don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about it, but there is something that crossed my mind while I was watching it. Oh wait, am I going to talk about Korea then?  No worries, it is still about Indonesia.

It talks about the journalist world at some point in Korea, there are scenes that show how the new reporters run and try hard to get some news and somehow it shows how difficult it is to get new and worthy news. Then it makes me think, if there is no news in Korea then they should come to Indonesia, there are many different kinds of breaking news here, one coming out and before it’s getting cold, another hot news coming out more. For sure, all the mass media here is very busy.

Indonesia democracy

There is one hot topic recently that I couldn’t stop thinking about. The fight between the Corruption Eradication Commission or we knew it as KPK in Indonesia and Indonesian National Police or we knew it as POLRI. As information that KPK is the third highest corruption commission in Asia after Hong Kong and Singapore. I surprisingly knew that when I read the newspaper one morning and day by day after that I found myself understanding all the stories about what happened and what the worst things that might happen. KPK caught the head of the Indonesian National Police for some cases and POLRI caught back the head of KPK. It happened not only for the two men, but until KPK didn’t have anyone to run the organization. Really funny, isn’t it?

When KPK’s news is still hot, then the other news comes up like it is the never ending news in Indonesia. People are starting to ask Mr. The president and the ministers even the National Army, or we knew as TNI to do something, but like I predicted the National Army wouldn’t do anything because they believe that’s not their responsibility and who’s care about it? Will Mr. President save KPK?

“Why united? Why divided?” I asked myself.

My Indonesian Language student from China once told me this “we are afraid of Indonesia, the democracy here is terrifying the neighborhood countries, even the biggest one because Indonesia slowly established the strong democracy across the nation, the democracy in Indonesia runs very well. You use the democratic system to build your government, for example the election, when one party had failed and another party had won, then the lost party won’t fight back, but humbly accepted the winner party and yet, Indonesia people just back to their life like nothing happened

Because we knew whoever won the election, they are not the one who gives us food, they won’t think about what we are going to eat, so the influence isn’t so big, that’s why we decided to just move forward and live life” I replied to him back

That’s it, that is how the democracy built, ” he said back then

Silently I sat there proudly become a part of Indonesia but deep down in my heart, I felt that it wasn’t that simple. As for me, I’m just tired with the system here, disappointed when you choose a leader then it doesn’t turn out of your expected so instead of wasting your time arguing or ask for responsibility which most Indonesian are tired of doing, then we choose to just let it go and live our life because we don’t feel any different has happened in our life, like it didn’t influence our life at all.

Still, Why united? Why divided?

I was thinking why KPK, POLRI and TNI looked like established their own world and company. They even fight each other, protect their own ship, the most important that happened is they just don’t care about the other party. KPK, POLRI and TNI are one body in Indonesia but why they are like holding and saving their world. So why unite? Why we have to unite? Is unity, not important anymore? Are KPK, POLRI and TNI coming from different nation? Who are they standing for?


I put myself inside their minds to make me understand. Why devided? They probably thought that why should they be united? What is the point of united? Is standing by their own uniform making them united? Or perhaps being selfish with their own principle is what they called saving the nation as become united? The more I think about it, I still don’t get it, why are they fighting? Position? Title? Why are they fighting when we are supposed to protect our nation and be united.

Then, It comes to my conclusion that this is how democracy runs in our nation. It wasn’t because people understood and do it well. No, it’s not. It is definitely not. This is why when one party won and the lost party just accepted it easily. People just took the easy way, at least we eat, at least we live and nothing more. Why we bother united? Why we bother divided? As long as we eat and live and that’s enough, but is it really enough?



I am a language trainer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love traveling, like a lot. I enjoy walking around, language immersion in different places, have a cup of coffee at some unfamiliar coffee shop, embrace the history or art in many different museums. I love coming across people and blending with new culture. I like having conversations with new people, blogging the stories and inspire people.

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