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Hey, it’s Monday and it’s the end of August. Thank God for the previous month and hope the best for the coming month ahead. It’s been awhile since the last post. I have had quite a busy couple months, so I put all the writings on hold and when I went back to my computer, I just don’t know where I have to start, but thank God, a good friend of mine is really nice to lend some of his ideas to post here. His name is Robby and he brought such an interesting topic to end the month. Enjoy!

Color and flowered pattern by Robby Noer Abjuny

That is what I am thinking. Colors have their own characteristics to represent a certain mood or stuff for instance the color red represents a daring, wild, adventurous, full of passion, character as if it is a pathetic fallacy while I personally believe it is just the matter of perception. Whatever colour it is, it remains a beauty to whom or which they attach to.


In fashion style, colors hold an important role in order to piqué people’s interest. The combination of colors will make our appearance great or just drag us to be laughed at. Easy, it is just people’s perception. Patterns also have an important role in making clothes or everything that we wear seems to look stunning on us or others. Patterns have a myriad of shapes, e.g.: checked, stripes, flowered, animal print etc. The combination of both is a masterpiece. That is all I have got about colour and pattern in fashion. Since I am not a fashion stylist, I know nothing more except what I am thinking and discussing.

I am not going to talk about fashion any further, but it has something to do with colour and pattern in style. There is something that is tickling me when I remember about what was going on at that time. It is undeniable that people in my society and still think that something’s to   belong to a particular gender. Yeah, it is. Make up must belong to a woman while a normal should belong to men. I do not entirely agree with this notion, something should belong to a particular gender.

I remember when I went to a shoes central to buy running shoes. It is a place where 95% of people sell shoes. I looked around and found a pair of shoes that I like. It was white with blue tiny flowered pattern with feet like a mistletoe scattered around the shores. I asked to the shop keeper to bring me my size, then he said it was for a woman therefore we do not have your size feet. I was like how come they did not make for man. It got on my nerves quickly. It is unfair, however such is life.

We should reconsider what people wear not what colour it is. If you are a woman/man and you like a particular thing with your favorite color, then the seller tells you “I’m sorry this colour doesn’t belong to your gender” what would you think? My Mom also thinks the same way as most people do. That is really  getting under my skin. Like the colors pink, violet, burgundy and others are referring to a woman while they think a man should not wear one of those colors.

I think it is a social crime to set up a box on colors and patterns. Society indirectly restrained us to choose what we prefer. In a brief color and patterns should not get a stereotype because they do not prove  to us anything. Colors and patterns are just a tremendous gift. Colors and patterns should be enjoyed by every single person in the world not particular gender. Like the quote states colors.


I am a language trainer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love traveling, like a lot. I enjoy walking around, language immersion in different places, have a cup of coffee at some unfamiliar coffee shop, embrace the history or art in many different museums. I love coming across people and blending with new culture. I like having conversations with new people, blogging the stories and inspire people.

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