Express Love By Loving Yourself!

Love! What is love? Recently I’ve been reading or hearing a lot about love. Either love between friends, love between parents and children, love between husband and wife until love between inside of yourself and I think one of the hardest things that people had to deal with is what is all about loving yourself.

What I’m going to share now is the most of those that almost have the same thought like mine.

Express Love By Loving Yourself!

There’s a big misconception of what people feel about loving yourself is. People think loving yourself is like you’re waking up every morning and everything looks like in tv advertising. That’s not realistic, That’s not even a real life. I’m not going to tell you stuff like every day is going to work out the way that you want to because IT’S NOT.

Well, let’s start off with a couple of misconceptions that people have about this whole term up of loving yourself; Loving yourself means you’re making excuses that you’re not going to better yourself but that’s not the real issue. It also means, please respect yourself in the sense that even though you’re not perfect, but you are going to try and get better every day and you’re going to improve yourself as a human being and even if you feel sort of that, it’s ok there will be another day. Loving yourself means that your conceded. That’s just a constant that saying that you are not gonna be the first person the day that wakes up and brings yourself down. There are more that I’ve been read or hear, but mostly I think too many people do this and that is a horrible thing to deal with every day.

When you wake up in the morning you are the first person to dodge yourself. How hard is that? 

Life is not designed to be easy. It’s designed to break you down where you were designed to fight that shit every single day, but you can’t do that if you’re the first person to tell yourself that you’re a piece of shit. Do you understand that concept?

Every day of your life, you will walk outside your door, then somebody will doubt you, somebody would tell you that you’re not pretty enough that you’re not worth it then nothing is going to happen for you and then you won’t achieve anything. That’s what it is. That’s life. But for me, I expect other people to think that about me, but I refuse to be the first person to say that to myself.

How are you wanting to reflect and say everything that the world thinks about you? You should be the person to tell yourself in the mirror, “hey you know what? They got the shit they’ve got everything but you’re worth it and you’re gonna be awesome”.

There’s no real how doing this. You just gonna really take the time to get to know yourself and say “hey you know what I am worth it”. I am not telling you this like it’s going to be easy because it was hard for me too. There was a certain point in my life where because something happened and I wasn’t really doing well. I looked in the mirror and I was like “you know what dude ~why the hell are you even here not in the sense of are you even do something, but what the hell are you alive, what with your existence, you just make more troubles, you’re sitting here not better yourself as a human being and are you really providing anything to the society~”

These are hard thought that I thought to myself, but the difference between what I did compared with other people did was instead of wallowing in myself, hating myself every day for the way that I was leaving, I took that as a challenge and I made myself better so I can look in the mirror and say “you know what? I’m proud of what you did today. I’m proud that you went out and you were proactive and you went to better yourself” instead of looking at myself as saying “you know what? I hate that person.”

So I have to ask you this, what are you doing right now? What are you doing every day? So that when you wake up you are proud of what you did the day before. As for me before I turned off the light and I set my body fall asleep, I’ll make sure that I know that today I accomplished something, that I deserve the sleep and the next morning I’m gonna kick ass.


If you have a habit downing yourself in the morning, then you’re going to have to switch that routine. Yeah, I know that is easier to say than done. We can talk about all the negative that why they’re saying doesn’t make sense for somebody else out there that has a better than you. Guess what! There are also people out there who have a worse than you. They are probably experiencing something similar to what you’re doing and they’re doing okay, they’re perfectly fine. So just deal with that, think about that and stick on that. What I’m saying is that you’ll be just fine.

Look at me! When I started doing these teaching, backpacking and blogging stuffs, people said “You? You’re teaching? You’re backpacking? You’re blogging? How come? Are you serious?” but then look at me right now. I’m just doing fine and going better than before.


I am a language trainer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love traveling, like a lot. I enjoy walking around, language immersion in different places, have a cup of coffee at some unfamiliar coffee shop, embrace the history or art in many different museums. I love coming across people and blending with new culture. I like having conversations with new people, blogging the stories and inspire people.

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