If he is a fan of Juventus, he must be a good person

“I’m going to Juventus, Turin” the like-family person [later will be write as Mrs. L] said to me when we were about to depart to Milan from Zurich.

“That’s great, let’s go with me!” I answered

“Why? Do you even like Juventus?” Mrs. L said

“It’s not about like or doesn’t like, but going to Turin together would be better than alone, isn’t it?” An answer and a smile came from my mouth

After a long discussion, we finally decided to go together, just two of us. So right after we finished our stuffs in Milan, we went straight to Turin. We took a bit run since we had a tight hour to the departure time. Using our urban day pass ticket, we took the train to Milano Central. A very nice mister helped us so we wouldn’t get lost on our way to the station.

If he is a fan of Juventus, he must be a good person

The train to Turin was about to leave when we reached the station, but we did manage to reach the train before it. We took Trenitalia which was quite on time. We bought the ticket through GoEuro apps just a few hours before. It took approximately two hours and eight minutes from Milano to Torino by train.

There was no seat number in the ticket which meant that we could just sit wherever we want as long as the seat is empty. We decided to sit next to the door, just to make sure it would be easy to get off. We realized that many eyes looking at us after we took a seat, so we thought that we probably sat in the wrong place. That was the time I looked straight to the person who sat in front of me,

“Oh my! We did sit in the wrong one.” I whispered to Mrs. L

There was a man with tattoos on his whole body, it was like cover the face, hands, until the feet. Body piercing was in his nose and ears. Rings were on his fingers. There was a medium black suitcase next to him. And I was like whispering “don’t judge a book by its cover” to myself over and over. He looked confused while looking at us, Asian girl and woman who decided to sit in front of him while every person decided to move to another seat.

The hours passed and nothing happened on the train. The man got off earlier than us. One thing you should remember when you are traveling by train in the new place, make sure you know how many stations till you get to the destination station and keep your ears on to the announcement, and for sure, don’t judge a book by its cover.

We arrived in Torino Porta Nuova. There was another station, which its name almost the same like Torino Porta Nuova, but you have to make sure, you get off in Torino Porta Nuova if you want to be fast to Juventus stadium.

There are a metro or buses you can take, but because we were in a hurry to catch up the last stadium tour, we decided to take the taxi. It took approximately 20 minutes, which allowed us to enjoy Turin from the window of the taxi.

Torino, Italy

Torino Italy

Torino Italy


It was one hour early for the last stadium tour when we reached Juventus Stadium. I definitely am not a Juventus fan, or Juventini [a call for a Juventus fan], but somehow I found myself smiling from the beginning we reached Juventus Stadium. I thought it was probably because Juventus is a black and white football team, I like black and white. But then I found it was because Mrs. L who came along with me, she was smiling and felt like joyful, why? Because it was her dream to come here. Yeah, you can guess, Mrs. L is a huge fan of Juventus. It is so nice when you bring joy to surround you.

Juventus Stadium Ticket

We bought tickets for Juventus Museum and Stadium. There were still 45 minutes remaining for the Stadium tour so we decided to go inside the museum. As I expected it was black and white and that was awesome. We went straight to the Stadium tour after we gathered in the meeting point. Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell you anything about the tour, the tour guide spoke Italian only, so we just followed where the tour went. They should have prepared an English tour guide or we probably missed the English tour though.

Juventus Stadium

Juventus Stadium

Juventus Museum

Juventus Museum

Juventus Museum

Juventus Museum

Juventus Museum

Juventus Museum

Juventus Stadium

Juventus Stadium

Juventus Stadium

Juventus Stadium

Juventus Stadium

Juventus Stadium

Juventus Stadium

Juventus Stadium

Juventus Stadium

Time showed 18.30 when we finished the tour and a bit of shopping in Juventus’s shop. We needed to rush to the station before 19.40 because we wanted to use the metro, but we forgot when we came, we were using taxi, so we definitely didn’t know where to take the metro. After looking around, we decided to take a taxi, but THERE WAS NO TAXI AT ALL! We asked people on the street where we could get a taxi, and they said,

“It’s hard to get a taxi just by waiting in the street, you need to call the taxi and they will come” 

And we were like “OH MY GOD!”

We thought “Maybe there is a taxi near the traffic light.” [typically Indonesian thinking], but we forgot that we were in Turin, Italy.

“There was a Carefour Supermarket we passed before, right? There must be a taxi there,” Mrs. L said [typically Indonesian thinking] So we walked, walked and walked until we found a Carefour supermarket, but THERE WAS NO TAXI AT ALL! We entered the supermarket hoping there was someone could help us. We went straight to the information desk to ask a favor to call the taxi, but they ignored us, then we tried the second attempt to the different one, and thank God! He picked up the phone and called a taxi.

“Taxi will come in 5 minutes, you can wait in front of the exit door” the good staff explained us

“Thank you… Grazie… Grazie..” We thanked over and over

Four minutes passed, “One more minute,” I said to myself. Five minutes passed, but the taxi hasn’t come yet.

“It will come, right?” Mrs. L asked me

“It has to or we are going to stay overnight in Turin” and we laughed. Amazingly! Laughing at that kind situation.

Seven minutes passed, and our taxi came. Nothing could describe my feeling that time.

“Torino Porta Nuova, please.” I said to the driver

“Ok. Take the train?” He asked me

“Yes, sir.” I answered

“What time?” He continued asking questions

“7.40 should be there.” I answered as I looked at my phone and the time was 7.22 PM

“Se-ven for-ty” He spelled the time slowly and suddenly shout, “MAMAMIA! SEVEN FORTY! That’s less than 20 minutes,” He pushed the gas and took a really speed drive.

We held tight to anything we could grab, the taxi just suddenly changed to “Fast & Furious” mode.

“Do you like football, sir?” Mrs. L asked the taxi driver to kill the quietness in the taxi.

“Sure.” He answered

“What is your favorite football club” She continued questioning

“Of course Juventus” He answered and started to grab something in the dashboard

“ME TOO!” a very expected joyful response from her, “So we are Juventus’s family”

“Do you know who is this?” This driver passed his phone to us while driving the taxi in one hand, but still in “fast and furious” mode.

“Oh my God! This is Vidal!” Mrs. L even forgot that we were in our high speed taxi when she looked into the phone

“Did he get in your taxi, sir?” Mrs. L asked

“Yes, he did” The proud voice of the driver answered it

“Lucky you, sir” Mrs. L returned the phone to him

“We are almost there, here are candies, sit tight and enjoy the candy” He gave us candies, while he gave more speed.

“Is it okay to eat it?” I asked her in Indonesian, so the driver would not understand what we were talking

“Sure,” she replied

“How if something inside of it? And we suddenly unconscious?” I was asking between suspicious and joking, trying to scare her

“You are watching too many movies,” she answered and ate the candy, then continue, “If he is a fan of Juventus, he must be a good person.” What a positive thinking.

I ate it, but then I threw it because it was too mint. She said I threw it because I was scared being unconscious ha-ha.

We reached the station on time. It was five minutes before the boarding. A half-day visit, but felt really nice.

That day a Juventini saved us, which probably right “If he is a fan of Juventus, he must be a good person.”


Milan Urban day pass costs 4,50€
Tickets can be purchased at stations in Milan. There are many kinds of ticket available.

Trenitalia Milano - Torino return costs 24,9€
Tickets can be purchased at stations, through the website, or GoEuro apps, which you can download in iOS or GooglePlay. The price can be cheaper depends on some promo price.

Taxi Torino Porta Nuova - Juventus Stadium return costs 52€
I don't really recommend this one if you are not in a hurry like me, use the metro for more cheap cost.

Juventus Museum + Stadium Tour costs 22€
Juventus Museum + Stadium Tour Open 11.00 AM - 17.30 PM
With certain times for the stadium tour within those hours
Closed on Tuesday
Tickets can be purchased at the Juventus Museum ticket office only


I am a language trainer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love traveling, like a lot. I enjoy walking around, language immersion in different places, have a cup of coffee at some unfamiliar coffee shop, embrace the history or art in many different museums. I love coming across people and blending with new culture. I like having conversations with new people, blogging the stories and inspire people.

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