The Unforgettable Times In The Historical City of Rome

When I was a child, I learned about the “Seven wonders of the world” and I imagined myself going to those places. I doubted myself that time. Years passed, and last year I got a privilege to go to Europe. It was a sudden unforgettable decision that I would remember it for the rest of my life because I accomplished many of my buckets-list.

Different from Milan, which is a fashion and financial city of Italy, Rome is the historical sites of Italy. One of its historical sites is listed on the “Seven wonders of the world” and considered the true icon of Rome. It is the Colosseum, which is one of the biggest draws for tourists in the whole city. That is why most travelers often add this city as the first place that has to be visited in Rome.

First lesson: Do not worry!

After arriving in Roma Tiburtina in the morning, we headed directly to our Airbnb by using local Trenitalia. We bought the original train to Roma S. Pietro, because we wanted to take the fastest route so we chose the same time as we arrived.

You have to make it fast, the train will depart in 2 minutes.” Said the ticket officer

2 minutes? Oh ok.” I rushed running toward Mrs. L and the others “We need to hurry! It will depart soon

They were like normal walking while I was like crazy running. I did not know if they understood what I just said. We took the escalator, and right when we were in the middle of it, I saw the train was starting to move, and I was like “OMG! What should I do?”

I was really confused so I was running toward the train while shouting, “WAAAAIIIITTTT! I’M STIIIIILLLL HEERRRREEEE!!!!” I was really very CRAZY thinking I could stop the moving train! The train was still moving though. I turned back myself and see the three like-family persons behind me LAUGHING like CRAZY.

And I was like “OH SH*T! WHAT I HAD JUST DONE!

I pulled myself together and went back to the ticket officer and told him that the train had departed, “Sir, unfortunately the train had departed, do we need to buy another ticket?

Don’t worry! You just need to take another train with the same ticket. The next train is on the next track. Have a good day!” He answered my question wisely and ended with a big smile. I went back to the group and told them what the officer told me.

Don’t worry Gosh! You are thinking too much!” And they went back laughing like crazy –”

The Vatican


The Vatican was closed to our stay, that’s why we decided to go there. Unfortunately, there were many people (they said it is always like that) queuing to enter the museum. We just had a half-day before our train to Milan, so we decided to capture some photos and headed directly to Colosseum.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum was on my bucket list ever since I learned about the seven wonders. There were stories related to the Bible, which I learned when I was in Sunday school, and we have often done much homework about it. To finally come and witness the Colosseum and places around it, it was awesome.

Built in 80AD, this was almost two thousand years old monument was the largest amphitheater of ancient Rome. It became one of the symbols of Rome and Italy in the world. Inside the Colosseum were held gladiator fights, bloody battles between men and wild beasts, and duels between slaves; but recent discoveries show that it was possible to flood the arena, in order to stage authentic naval battles: a clear sign that the Colosseum was at the forefront of architecture and technology. Visiting this outstanding monument was a unique opportunity to go back in time: a must-see for all travelers who visit Rome for the first time.

As we arrived at the Colosseum, there was also a long queuing to enter the site. Someone approached us and offered “a break the line” tours. We were hesitating in the beginning, afraid that it was a fraud, but we closely see around of us, and there were many travelers who came alone or two being gathered to be a group tour just right on the spot. After discussing, we finally decided to join because it would save our time.

They also have guided tours, which was really good in explaining the site. These guided tours also gave you access to the archaeological area of the Roman Forum, which will give you a glimpse of the opulence of ancient Rome and the other historical treasures hidden in the surrounding area.

Marco Mengoni and the view of Rome

Time showed 6 PM. We decided to go back to our stay, taxi would be the very fastest way since we were four and we were running out of time.

A nice and handsome taxi driver stopped right in front of us. As we entered the taxi, a nice voice of a man singing Italian songs. We figured out later that he was Marco Mengoni, a winner of the third series of Italian talent show X Factor. The driver told us about Marco’s story that made us opened our phone and download his album. Not end there, he even brought us to the place where we could view the whole city of Rome.

We had so much fun in Rome in quite limited time there. Did I mention that we ate in an Asian restaurant that quite cheap among all those Asian restaurants we ever tried in Europe? So there was an Asian buffet restaurant close to the Vatican called Ristorante Cinese. It was cheap and nice.

I will definitely come back to Rome in the Future. Anyone want to come with me?

ADDRESS: Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma, Italy
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM (fall/winter)
8:30 AM - 7:15 PM (spring/summer)
Full price: 12€
Reduced price: 7.50€ for European Union members between 18-25 years.
Free Entrance: Visitors 17 and under.
The ticket is valid for 2 days (first use)
The closest subway station is "Colosseo", 
On Line B of the Rome Metro, located on Piazza del Colosseo. 
The Colosseum is also reachable by tram 3. 
Bus: 60 – 75 – 85 – 87 – 117 – 271 – 571 – 175 – 186 – 810 – 850 – C3
Via delle Fornaci 6300165 Rome, Italy
Price: 13€
Tips: Do not go when it's about to close.


I am a language trainer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love traveling, like a lot. I enjoy walking around, language immersion in different places, have a cup of coffee at some unfamiliar coffee shop, embrace the history or art in many different museums. I love coming across people and blending with new culture. I like having conversations with new people, blogging the stories and inspire people.

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