Six (+1) Places You Don’t Want To Miss In Perth

As you probably know that I am actually a language trainer. If I am happened in Jakarta, I spend most of my time teaching English and Bahasa Indonesia. Despite still doing online-teaching when I am away, but it isn’t as much as when I am in Jakarta.

“I’m going to Australia” My student told me when we were arranging the lesson time.

“When?” I asked out of excited hearing new journey will begin soon, though it wasn’t me.

“This July, I will go for a week, so I won’t be able to have a lesson during those times” She answered with a note that meant there won’t be any classes, which obviously meant that she doesn’t need to study.

“Oh that’s great, I got a new assignment for you” Out of nowhere, my brain was thinking of a nice idea.

“What is that?” She was curious yet worried all at once.

“A writing assignment of your holiday” I smiled after saying those words, “you don’t have to write like a story if you don’t want, just write the itinerary of places you visit with some information on it, and what your feelings and moments when you visit those places” I continued just in case she would say no.

“Sure, that would be easier” an answer came out easily as never been expected.

So, she went to Australia with her husband, and of course, she finished the assignment very well, completed with great pictures along with it. Now, I proudly present her work as bwamgosh’s guest writer divided into two posts. Enjoy!

Six (+1) Places You Don’t Want To Miss In Perth

By Hyerim Lee

Perth and Sidney are the cities that I planned to go for my holiday. I went there with my husband. We spent the first three days in Perth before we moved to Sidney. I did some research before I went there. Australia has so many places worth to visit; I managed to visit some places according to how long I stayed there. This is for those who wanted to go having a good time instead of getting a rush of schedule, and of course still enjoy the places. Let’s begin from Perth.


1. Fremantle Market

Establish in 1897, The Fremantle Market has passed several changes more than a decade. Today when you step inside the Fremantle Markets and enjoy the distinctive atmosphere of over hundred years of vibrant culture and heritage. Listen carefully and you just might hear the horses and carts of yesteryear, arriving at the markets full to the brim of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Now over 150 stalls, each as unique as the next, the Fremantle Markets are a must-seen for locals and tourists alike you might read in most of the tourist information. I have high expectation about this market when I read those stories, but Fremantle Market is just a Fremantle Market. Like other common market with more feel like Australian.

The market is smaller than I expected, but I like it, because I could buy fresh fruit cheaper twice, I would buy it thrice if I could though. It cost $5 for one box mixed fruit. I even came back again the next day.


Corner South Terrace & Henderson Street, Fremantle, Western Australia 6959 |

How to get there:

The easiest way is to get to the Murdoch Station by Mandurah Line, then walk about 1 minute to Murdoch Station stand 4 to take Bus 998 heading to Fremantle Station, get off at South The - Fremantle markets |

Opening hours:

The Yard Friday 8am - 8pm, Sat & Sun 8am - 6pm;

The Hall Friday 9am - 8pm, Sat & Sun 9am - 6pm


2. Little Creatures Brewing

little creatures brewing perth

Are you a fan of beer? If you are, then this is for you. This is a place where you are able to try many kinds of beer when you are in Australia. The good thing about this place is they give you a small amount of beer so you can try the difference of those.

Little Creatures Brewing started with a group of mates who believe that people should be able to take in the true sights, sounds and tastes of a brewery. They brew an awesome, a distinctive aroma and delicious flavor. It’s a simple place filled with dedicated people who wanted to give you the taste you would never forget.

My husband and I had a good time here. Since we live in Indonesia, we couldn’t try many kinds of beer, so it was great to visit this place.

Address: 40 Mews Rd, Fremantle, WA 6160, Australia |

How to get there:

If you enjoy walking, the Little Creatures Brewing is 7 minutes walking from the Fremantle Market (around 550m) |

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 10AM–12AM,

Saturday 9AM–12AM,

Sunday 9AM–11PM


3. Rottnest Island

rottness island perth

Rottnest Island is an island off the coast of Western Australia, located 19 kilometers west of Fremantle. A sandy, low-lying island formed on a base of aeolianite limestone, Rottnest is an A-class reserve, the highest level of protection afforded to public land. There are many special trees and beaches.

Quokka is the happiest animal on earth that you could meet in Rottnest Island because Rottnest is best known for its population of quokkas. The island also includes colonies of Australian sea lions and southern fur seals. A number of native and introduced bird species nest near the shallow salt lakes in the island’s interior, and Rottnest has consequently been designated an Important Bird Area.

The best thing in Rottnest Island was I could see a lot of quokka’s poo and walk on it, which I never see it before. The quokkas don’t afraid of people, but you still need to be careful and please don’t feed them. There are a lot of things you can do in Rottnest Island though, from natural attraction, island tours and activities, health and beauty, until education.


Located 19 kilometers from west of Fremantle. |

How to get there:

By Air; There are three choices which are Rottnest Air-Taxi, Ozwest Aviation, and Rotorvation Helicopters.

By Ferry; Rottnest Island ferry companies provide transfers to the island from Perth City, Rous Head in North Fremantle, Fremantle (Victoria Quay) and Hillarys Boat Harbour in Perth’s north. It takes approx. 25 - 90 minutes depend where you board the ferry. I took it from the Fremantle Market around 25 minutes and it costed me $79 adult/per |

Admission Fee:

The fee is from $18 - $54 depends on what group or how long you’re going to stay there. More about the admission fee, you can check it here |

Note: If you want to take a bus in the Island, you have to buy a bus ticket around $15


4. Pinnacles Desert

Pinnacles desert has a special rock. It is a small dessert located in Nambung National Park, where the weathered rock spires of the Pinnacles rise out of yellow sand dunes. Some are as high as three and a half meters, and some finish in a jagged point, while others have rounded domes, resembling tombstones.

The Desert

The Pinnacles desert is the major tourist attraction of the region. It covers an area of approximately 190 hectares, is around 60 meters above sea level, and contains thousands of limestone Pinnacles. You can get its best view at dawn or sunset when the shadows create remarkable patterns and shapes that ripple over the sands. This is my first time visit to this kind of place, so I was so amazed about this place.

The Discovery Centre

If you are already in Pinnacles Dessert, don’t forget to take a trip into the world of nature at the newly completed Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre. The discovery Centre takes visitors on a new dimension on their journey through the Nambung National Park, which runs beside the Turquoise Coast.

The park has beautiful beaches, coastal dune systems, shady groves of Tuart trees and low headlands of plants that produce vibrantly colored flowers between August and October. The Pinnacles Desert Discovery has been designed in response to the landscape and has a strong relationship with the site that facilitates a sense of place to those who visit it. Construction materials are reflective of the area. The Centre is a stepping-stone into the park with a track for walkers and an interpretive center that encourages you to use all your senses to identify the hidden wonders and signs of life in the desert. It is a must see if you are planning to visit Turquoise Coast.


Pets, open fires, and camping are all prohibited within the park boundaries. Hats, sunscreen and water are essential pre-requisites for a visit to the Pinnacles, especially during the summer months.


Nambung National Park, 17 km south of the townsite |

How to get there:

You can hire a car and head north along the Indian Ocean Drive from Perth, which stretches all the way to Exmouth on Ningaloo Reef. It's around three hours drive to Nambung National Park |
Admission Fee:

$12 entry per vehicle (pensioner discounts apply), payable at the gate |

Opening Hours:

The Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre is open daily 9.30am – 4.30pm


5. Lancelin Sand Dunes

Lancelin is a small fishing and tourist town 127 km north of Perth, Western Australia. It is within the Shire of Gingin at the end of Wanneroo Road, and a few kilometers from the start of the Indian Ocean Drive.

There are many things you can enjoy in Lancelin, but these three things are the must-experience in Lanceline Desert; Sand, surf, and sunset. As Lancelin is Australia’s premier Sandboarding destination, which means you can play Sandboarding there. Sandboarding in Lancelin is inexpensive and lots of fun, plus you can enjoy the beautiful sunset after it. There is also Lancelin Skate Park in the middle of town, where you obviously can play skate, or just taking a picture.

I tried the Sandboarding for the very first time, and it was quite different with snowboarding. I couldn’t stand on Sandboarding. It was quite intimidating at first, but don’t worry. Once you got the beat, then you off to go.


If it’s windy or you fall a lot while Sandboarding, you will end up with sand all through your clothes. You might want to bring goggles to stop sand irritating your eyes and you will need to climb to the top of the dune in order to glide down, so you will exert plenty of energy heading back up. Also, be aware that there are no facilities whatsoever at the dunes e.g. No toilets/shops etc.


Beacon Rd, Lancelin WA 6044, Australia |

How to get there:

You can hire a car, drive around 90 minutes from downtown Perth. There is a new freeway that just opened recently, they said it takes 5 minutes by that freeway |

Opening hours:

Open 24 hours, but no noise vehicles between 7 PM to 8 AM |

Admission Free:

Entry to the dunes is free; there is only one entry point, there is no entry gate |


6. Yanchep National Park

Which one is the real sky, the up or the below?

This is my favorite place in whole my Australia’s trip. The best sunset I have ever seen in my life. I could see the fantastic sunset and saw many kangaroo’s poo at the Yanchep National Park. The kangaroos were really friendly. If you are lucky you could take a picture with them. You should go here, I really recommend this place, go here and take beautiful pictures.

Yanchep National Park is north of Perth, in Western Australia. Its bushland and wetland are home to western gray kangaroos and rich birdlife. Trails include a raised boardwalk among trees inhabited by koalas. One of many caves in the park, Crystal Cave is an underground limestone cavern with stalactites and stalagmites. Talks at nearby Wangi Mia Meeting Place illuminate the culture of the indigenous Nyoongar people.


Yanchep National Park, Yanchep WA 6035, Australia |

How to get there:

You can hire a car. It’s 46 minutes drive from Perth or You catch bus no. 490 from Clarkson station. The closest bus stop is approx. 3km away on the Yanchep Beach Road, so you might need to walk from there. Though It’s not recommended, but many people do choose to walk from the bus stop, however, there is no footpath so you must be mindful of your own safety. |

Opening hours:

Open 24 hours


7. Alfred’s Kitchen Hamburger

This is an optional place, which means you don’t have to come here if you don’t want. I added it here just because I went there. Alfred’s kitchen hamburger is very famous for Korean. The Alfred’s kitchen filmed on Korean TV 수요 a few months ago. The hamburger has a roasted beef with patty and vegetable so the taste was good. The soup taste was also good.

Price: 2 adults $50/two burgers, one coke, one soup, and one fried potato


James St & Meadow St, Guildford, WA 6055, Australia |

How to get there:

From Perth Station Take the Midland Line toward the Midland Station, alights in Guildford Station, then walks about 5 minutes (450m) to Alfred’s Kitchen |

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 5PM–12AM,

Saturday 12PM–2AM,

Sunday 12PM–12AM

It’s not the end, it’s just a see you again

Three days felt really short in Perth. While I was still having many places to visit, but I had to catch a flight to Sidney. Hope someday I will come again and visit more places.


I am a language trainer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love traveling, like a lot. I enjoy walking around, language immersion in different places, have a cup of coffee at some unfamiliar coffee shop, embrace the history or art in many different museums. I love coming across people and blending with new culture. I like having conversations with new people, blogging the stories and inspire people.

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