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A Skinny Yellow Girl Named Deth-o

There is a skinny yellow girl named deth-0. She is very thin. I guess she doesn’t have any flesh covering the bones, so probably the bones cover her body. Actually, she does eat a lot of food, but in the meantime, the food just goes like that, passing the body without even going anywhere in the whole body,

It’s Okay Nini! It’s Okay!

Recently I keep remembering this little girl who I spent 10 months with. She was just 2 years old who only could talk in her own language; baby language. I was living in a country which wasn’t my culture. I lived in some kind like European environment. Sometimes I didn’t understand what they were talking

A Random Musings About The Well

Where do you go when you find yourself in a dark place? When life gets too much and the walls feel like they’re crowding in on you, what do you reach for to find relief? We all ache. Life is like that! It leaves us with holes in our souls. And we all reach. We

At Some Point, Experience Does Matter

Two weeks ago, I went for an interview with one of language centers in my city. This is the first time since I returned to Indonesia. After a long time I held my language tutor group, I wanted a new experience inside a language center company. Honestly, I questioned myself why I did it, but

Crying Is The Part Of Being Strong

One year ago today, I wrote this one. Unfortunately, never had a chance to sit down and  post it out (I don’t know why). November of last year was the time a lesson of life was taught. Without any push or being asked I decided to post it now as a one of my musings.



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