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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by and taking your valuable time to check out my blog. I have put a simple guide that will help you know and understand what bwamgosh is about and how you can get the best from it. Let’s start with a brief note from me so you can get to know me better.

What is BWAMGOSH about?

BWAMgosh is abbreviated from Backpacker with a mission – gosh. You can visit my “About me” section and find out how I started this blog. I do not know if I could say it is a travel blog, but it provides an easy to read information from all the places I have been along with my story in it. If you find some posts which a bit different from it, that is probably my musings which I got from my life and travel experiences

My mission is to encourage you to become an independent traveler with way-outs of zero fear and absolute bravery. Because I believe everyone was born to be an independent traveler. I hope that it can be your go-to place to find the information you need in planning your next trip. Also, to inspire you to go out and see the world and help you have a smooth and exciting adventure.

What Can You Find in This Blog

This blog stores my traveling experiences, my photography indulgences and my life musings. I wrote this blog to share my experiences from my journey around both local and foreign destinations, along with useful tips and tricks. Hope my blog would help and motivate passionate travelers while they’re young.

Hopefully you’ll find them worthwhile and entertaining as well.



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