Strolling Around In Duomo Di Milano

There are a lot of places you can visit if you touch down in Milan, Italy. I was not able to visit many places, but I managed to visit the spiked gothic cathedral called Duomo. Its position is in the heart of Milan, which makes the Duomo the first stop when visiting the city. I

A Bright Blue Sky In Allianz Arena, Munich

“How do you feel about finally coming to this Bayern Munchen, your favorite football club from your young age?” I asked my like-family person (later will be written as Mr. P) when we arrived Fröttmaning station, Munich. “Do you recording this one?” Instead of answering my question, he was checking whether I record it or not. “Nope! But I

If he is a fan of Juventus, he must be a good person

“I’m going to Juventus, Turin” the like-family person [later will be write as Mrs. L] said to me when we were about to depart to Milan from Zurich. “That’s great, let’s go with me!” I answered “Why? Do you even like Juventus?” Mrs. L said “It’s not about like or doesn’t like, but going to Turin

Christmas Is Simplicity. Simplicity Is Christmas.

I have traveled to countries and witnessed many lives and thoughts from different perspectives about what Christmas is all about. From people who definitely don’t understand at all, people who only follow others, people who have been doing Christmas celebration time to time, until the people who definitely understand and live the meaning of Christmas



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