Homework from experiences

Today I read a couple of stories that had the same things mentioned in, experiences and so on, yes the stories told about how they faced their bad or even worst experiences. Then I remembered one time in my life when I had a quite interesting situation with someone who I called my partner in

Would you hate your life because of a simple thing?

“I hate my life,” said the 11-years old girl when we were swinging in the playground. “Why?” I really was surprised with what I just heard because I know very well how fancy her life is. She is living in a huge house and has her very own comfortable room. She is able to eat all kinds

His love is that awesome. He is beyond kindness

His Love Is That Awesome. He Is Beyond Kindness

I was cleaning my notes in my old folder yesterday. I began reading them one by one and deleted some of them that I considered not really important or just felt no need to keep them any longer. My eyes stopped on one note that I definitely had forgotten I wrote it or even doubted

People On The Edge Of The Road

Forget The Rules, If You Like It, Wear It!

Happiness is simple! Put your earphone on and turn the music on. Then walking and enjoy the view of the city while listening to your favorite singer singing your favorite songs. You can also sit at the edge of the road and enjoy the weather. When I used to have nothing to do, I would just grab

BWAM is Backpacker With A Mission

Some people might think that when they reached the bottom of their life that means their world is just about to end. I used to think like that also. There was a time in my life that I felt “I am totally done”, “I can do nothing”, “there is no reason for me to live”. Yes!

When In Doubt, Remember, Someone Is Loving You!

“Hi,” I approached a girl who stood alone in the crowded “Hi,” She replied “You are the one who sits next to me, right?” “Yes” She answered with a smile 🙂 “God asked me to tell you that He does love you“. My heart was beating way faster than normal when I said it.

We are far so we can be more close like family

When it looks so close at you can reach it, but it’s actually not close as it appears, yet when it looks out of reach but it’s actually very close. If we talk about the proximity or our relationship with another person, it would be endless. Is it happening because of the proximity or does it

Ready yourself for something big is coming

“I’m not ready to go to school tomorrow,” said 11-years-old girl suddenly when I was washing my plate “Why?” I replied without seeing her face “I’m scared” her face looked like she wanted to cry “Scared? Scared about what” I turned my face and looked at her “Friends, teacher, school and many things and me,”



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