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If he is a fan of Juventus, he must be a good person

“I’m going to Juventus, Turin” the like-family person [later will be write as Mrs. L] said to me when we were about to depart to Milan from Zurich. “That’s great, let’s go with me!” I answered “Why? Do you even like Juventus?” Mrs. L said “It’s not about like or doesn’t like, but going to Turin

Why People Should Try Backpacking?

I always like traveling since I was in my young age. My dad brought me move from city to city since I was young. I got to use with the new environment as soon as I reached the new place and got ready quickly when we should have left as soon as we must to.

Say Hello To My New Black Timbuk2 Ransel

I ever wrote about what backpack [Indonesian called it ransel] I used for my traveling journey on blue ransel. Unfortunately, it has to change to be Black Ransel. I have been wondering whether I have to buy it or not, but I finally bought it and thank God I never regretted my decision to buy it. My black backpack is Timbuk2 Aviator

The Complicated Relationship Between The Airport and I

Have you ever imagined yourself sitting down or standing in a room filled with people who speak many languages? Have you ever imagined yourself waiting in line with people from all around the world and as they speak in their language, you just stand there confused and enjoy the noise anyway? Or Have you ever

BWAM is Backpacker With A Mission

Some people might think that when they reached the bottom of their life that means their world is just about to end. I used to think like that also. There was a time in my life that I felt “I am totally done”, “I can do nothing”, “there is no reason for me to live”. Yes!



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