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That was awesome and really impressive!

Do you know that kids like to receive complimentary? Like a lot of compliments. There was a 2 year old girl I’ve spent with for almost a year. One day, we went to the swimming pool as I treated for her good behavior. On our way to the swimming pool, she suddenly ran like she

An Open Letter to the girl who sat next to me

I didn’t even know your name but I smiled to you and you smiled back to me. We sat there for 2 and a half hours. We sang together. Also, we stand together. I didn’t know about you, but somehow I just felt so close to you, somehow I could feel your loneliness, it was like

Honour Your Calling By Doing Your Passion

These weeks I’ve been thinking about what I should do and what I shouldn’t do. What I regretted all my life that I have never been able to do it. Wonder if it is my passion or not. Whether it is my calling or not. It is not sure because I wasn’t able to do it.

Happy New Year Papa! See You In Heaven!

It was dark and cloudy when I went back to my parents’ house on New Year Eve. I wasn’t in the best shape because of the weather. Yet, a phone call pushed me to change my clothes and headed to my parents’ house. “You should come, your dad is getting worse,” my mom’s voice scrambled when

Those Are Something Beyond Our Minds

When you wanted something so bad, but you just couldn’t have it, not because we’re not able to pursue it but it just because you couldn’t. Those are something beyond our minds. I was talking with someone whom I just meet not so long ago. We talked about everything from simple things to the most

It’s Okay Nini! It’s Okay!

Recently I keep remembering this little girl who I spent 10 months with. She was just 2 years old who only could talk in her own language; baby language. I was living in a country which wasn’t my culture. I lived in some kind like European environment. Sometimes I didn’t understand what they were talking



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