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An Open Letter to the girl who sat next to me

I didn’t even know your name but I smiled to you and you smiled back to me. We sat there for 2 and a half hours. We sang together. Also, we stand together. I didn’t know about you, but somehow I just felt so close to you, somehow I could feel your loneliness, it was like

His Love Is That Awesome. He Is Beyond Kindness

I was cleaning my notes in my old folder yesterday. I began reading them one by one and deleted some of them that I considered not really important or just felt no need to keep them any longer. My eyes stopped on one note that I definitely had forgotten I wrote it or even doubted

When In Doubt, Remember, Someone Is Loving You!

“Hi,” I approached a girl who stood alone in the crowded “Hi,” She replied “You are the one who sits next to me, right?” “Yes” She answered with a smile 🙂 “God asked me to tell you that He does love you“. My heart was beating way faster than normal when I said it.



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