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It Is About Making Ideas Happen From Random Musings

I used to write about random things that came into my mind. It usually followed random conversations or situations I had experienced. That is why most of my posts were about my musings or thoughts. I called it making ideas happen from random musings. Yesterday was my birthday, I spent a bit of my time to

An Open Letter to “Happy Birthday” girl

Hi young lady, it’s been awhile since we played together. I guess it’s true saying “You missed people when you are no longer with them” because I have been missing you these days. Been wondered what are you doing? I wondered how tall are you? I wondered if you still recognized me even I knew that’s

Happy Birthday Dear You, Happy Birthday To You

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… ” Ali just appeared behind me singing the famous traditional song while I was making a fire for barbeque. “Happy birthday Dear Ali, happy birthday to you” spontaneously I opened my mouth and  began to sing together with her. Don’t get this wrong, this is not her birthday



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