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Kartini’s Day Giveaway Cherish Writegram

Rising and fighting for women’s right need continuous effort to get the equality across gender. Kartini was national heroine and prominent female pioneer breaking the silence to women’s emancipation, being at the crack of dawn line-leading girls’ further education.

Art For Everyone in Art1: New Museum

Someone asked me to go to Art1: New Museum after seeing my previous visit to Singapore Art Museum. “I love how you enjoyed art, go to this place and feed us more with your enjoyable photos” hearing those words made me grab my smart phone and searching about Art1: New Museum and hey! It is

Why United? Why Divided? In Indonesia Democracy.

If you follow the Korean drama then you know that the recent drama themes are about reporters, news, journalist and mass media in Korea. There is one that currently took my attention, it’s called PINOCCHIO, don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about it, but there is something that crossed my mind while I was watching it. Oh wait, am I going to talk about



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