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Express Love By Loving Yourself!

Love! What is love? Recently I’ve been reading or hearing a lot about love. Either love between friends, love between parents and children, love between husband and wife until love between inside of yourself and I think one of the hardest things that people had to deal with is what is all about loving yourself.

Love Sparks When The Stranger Becomes Familiar

Have you ever imagined when some strangers become familiar with you? Or have you ever imagined when someone you just met suddenly become familiar with you? Last month I went to Korea. It was not about I was going somewhere with my family. Also, it was not about a vacation between my family and me. It

When In Doubt, Remember, Someone Is Loving You!

“Hi,” I approached a girl who stood alone in the crowded “Hi,” She replied “You are the one who sits next to me, right?” “Yes” She answered with a smile 🙂 “God asked me to tell you that He does love you“. My heart was beating way faster than normal when I said it.



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