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Let Me Go To School Somewhere in The Land Of Elephant

These pictures were taken when I lived in the land of elephants. I could not help myself to not take those pictures of children who longing to study even though their school was not as good as it should be. Let the pictures itself tells you the stories. Through the sides, the eyes, the expressions, the smiles and the emptiness.

A Skinny Yellow Girl Named Deth-o

There is a skinny yellow girl named deth-0. She is very thin. I guess she doesn’t have any flesh covering the bones, so probably the bones cover her body. Actually, she does eat a lot of food, but in the meantime, the food just goes like that, passing the body without even going anywhere in the whole body,

An Open Letter to “Happy Birthday” girl

Hi young lady, it’s been awhile since we played together. I guess it’s true saying “You missed people when you are no longer with them” because I have been missing you these days. Been wondered what are you doing? I wondered how tall are you? I wondered if you still recognized me even I knew that’s

An Open Letter to the girl who sat next to me

I didn’t even know your name but I smiled to you and you smiled back to me. We sat there for 2 and a half hours. We sang together. Also, we stand together. I didn’t know about you, but somehow I just felt so close to you, somehow I could feel your loneliness, it was like

GUEST POST: Color and flowered pattern

Hey, it’s Monday and it’s the end of August. Thank God for the previous month and hope the best for the coming month ahead. It’s been awhile since the last post. I have had quite a busy couple months, so I put all the writings on hold and when I went back to my computer,

Happy New Year Papa! See You In Heaven!

It was dark and cloudy when I went back to my parents’ house on New Year Eve. I wasn’t in the best shape because of the weather. Yet, a phone call pushed me to change my clothes and headed to my parents’ house. “You should come, your dad is getting worse,” my mom’s voice scrambled when

It’s Okay Nini! It’s Okay!

Recently I keep remembering this little girl who I spent 10 months with. She was just 2 years old who only could talk in her own language; baby language. I was living in a country which wasn’t my culture. I lived in some kind like European environment. Sometimes I didn’t understand what they were talking

Broken dreams are God’s adjustments

When I was a kid, I had a dream of being a pilot. I don’t know why, I just loved airplanes and everything about them from the design to the idea of Travelling. I even had a lot of posters of many kinds of airplanes in my room, and I studied a lot of things,



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