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A Bright Blue Sky In Allianz Arena, Munich

“How do you feel about finally coming to this Bayern Munchen, your favorite football club from your young age?” I asked my like-family person (later will be written as Mr. P) when we arrived Fröttmaning station, Munich. “Do you recording this one?” Instead of answering my question, he was checking whether I record it or not. “Nope! But I

A Nice Afternoon At Picture Book Library

I have been to Nami Island many times until I feel there is nothing left for me to see there. During those times I never noticed if it was there every time I visited Nami Island. I was intending to bring my friend to go to Prayer room, then I found there was such an interesting place in Nami Island called

Love Sparks When The Stranger Becomes Familiar

Have you ever imagined when some strangers become familiar with you? Or have you ever imagined when someone you just met suddenly become familiar with you? Last month I went to Korea. It was not about I was going somewhere with my family. Also, it was not about a vacation between my family and me. It

BWAM is Backpacker With A Mission

Some people might think that when they reached the bottom of their life that means their world is just about to end. I used to think like that also. There was a time in my life that I felt “I am totally done”, “I can do nothing”, “there is no reason for me to live”. Yes!



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