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Six (+1) Places You Don’t Want To Miss In Perth

As you probably know that I am actually a language trainer. If I am happened in Jakarta, I spend most of my time teaching English and Bahasa Indonesia. Despite still doing online-teaching when I am away, but it isn’t as much as when I am in Jakarta. “I’m going to Australia” My student told me when we

The Unexpected Japan Trip [Part 2]: Kyoto

I have two places I intended to go in Kyoto. The first one was Arashiyama. Since I was staying in Osaka, I’ll just give the way I took from the station near my place. From Hankyu Railway Kami-Shinjo Station in Osaka, take the Hankyu Main Line [towards Kawaramachi] to Katsura Station and transfer to Hankyu Arashiyama Line

Why People Should Try Backpacking?

I always like traveling since I was in my young age. My dad brought me move from city to city since I was young. I got to use with the new environment as soon as I reached the new place and got ready quickly when we should have left as soon as we must to.

How do I style myself when I go traveling?

T-shirt, jeans, a blue jacket and Converse (sometimes Vans too) are my true best friend. That is also how I style myself when I go traveling. They are like a second soul that completes my life except that this soul not inside of me but outside of me. The glasses came later to be a



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